Department of Internal Medicine

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1922-1931The first head of Dept of Medicine was Professor O Willamson. This was a part- time appointment
1931Professor W Craig became the second head
1946Professor Guy Elliot became the first full time Academic Head of Department of Medicine Medical unit opened in Coronation hospital in 1946
1947Medical Unit opened in Baragwanath Hospital
1950Subspecialty of Cardiology & Pulmonology
1967JG Strydom Hospital (now Helen Joseph Hospital) incorporated
1970 +Full time staff establishment in virtually all subspecialties

Academic Heads of Department of Medicine:
Professor O Williamson
1922 - 1931
Professor W Craig
1931 - 1946
Professor G Elliot
1946 - 1967
Professor T Bothwell
1967 - 1991
Professor J Milne
1992 - 2000
Professor P McPhail
2001 - 2005
Professor J Veriawa
2005 - 2008
Professor S Naicker
2009 - 2013
Professor P Manga
Current head