Department of Internal Medicine


Clinical Responsibilities


Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital
  • General Medicine, consultant rounds and post intake rounds
  • Outpatient Clinics
  • Med Reg every 5th day, MOPD once weekly
  • Endocrine Clinic, once weekly
  • Diabetes Clinic – Monday-Friday
  • Diabetes Pregnancy Clinic – once weekly
  • Twice weekly ( Monday & Wednesday) endocrinology business rounds
  • Post graduate teaching round (Thursday)
  • Outreach to Sebokeng hospital
  • Outreach to Soweto Clinics – 4 days per month
  • Fortnightly meeting with Endocrine surgeons
  • Monthly meeting with Nuclear medicine consultants
  • Monthly meeting with Ophthalmology consultants
  • Monthly meeting with Neuro-surgery to be initiated by Feb 2015
  • Monthly M &M meeting
Helen Joseph Academic Hospital General Medicine
  • Post intake rounds, every 4th day
  • Follow-up ward rounds, weekly
  • Grand ward rounds, monthly>
  • X-ray meetings, weekly
  • Morbidity and Mortality meeting twice a month
  • Intern tutorials, weekly (quarterly rotation amongst consultants)
  • Medical Out Patients weekly basis
  • Outreach to Leratong
  • Weekly business round
  • Monday Combined meeting with CHBAH and Nuclear Medicine 2 Mondays a week
  • Wednesday T2DM clinic
  • Wednesday Post Graduate Teaching
  • Thursday Endocrine Clinic
  • Zometa Clinic (twice a month)
  • Undergraduate Endocrine Teaching – Twice a week
  • Physiotherapy Endocrine Lectures
  • Friday Thyroid Clinic with Surgeons (monthly) (Fellows only)
  • Dynamic Testing at Lancet (Fellows Only)
  • Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital

    General Medicine – consultant rounds and post intake rounds.

    Outpatient Clinics (6 per week)
    Monday -Diabetes
    Tuesday – Thyroid/Endocrinology
    - Combined meeting with Endocrine surgeons, 2nd Tuesday of each month
    - Combined Meeting – Divisions of Endocrinology of CMJAH, CHBH and HJH, Tuesdays 16h00-17h00
    Wednesday – Lipid Clinic
    - Paediatric Growth/Endocrinology Clinic (Registrars only)
    - Outreach – Edenvale: General Medicine
    - Grand Round 1:30 – 2:30 pm
    - M & M meeting – 2:30 pm last Wednesday of month
    Thursday – Diabetes
    Friday – Metabolic Bone
    - Outreach to Edenvale hospital
    Wednesday Lipid Clinic
    Paediatric Growth/Endocrinology Clinic (Registrars only)
    Outreach – Southrand: Diabetes; Edenvale: General Medicine
    Grand Round 1:30 – 2:30 pm
    M & M meeting – 2:30 pm last Wednesday of month
    FridayMetabolic Bone

    Undergraduates GEMP II, III, IV, Medical students bedside teaching
    GEMP II, III lectures
    - GEMP III/VI tutorials
    Dental student clinical rounds
    External examiner for undergraduate exams at other Medical Schools
    PostgraduatesMedical Registrar teaching
    DTM&H course
    FCP / MMED examiners
    Supervision of Higher Degrees (MMed, MSc and PhD)

    Hospital MAC, Clinical Heads, Laboratory Users

    Faculty Executive, Faculty Board, Nominating, Professional and Ethical Standards, Postgraduate, Graduates Studies Committee.

    1. National Societies: SEMDSA (on exec); LASSA (on exec).
    2. Professor Wing is a member of NHI National Advisory Committee.
    3. Professor Huddle is past President of the College of Physicians, Colleges of Medicine, South Africa. Prof Huddle, Shires & Raal are also regular examiners for the College of Medicine and Endocrinology & Metabolism Subspeciality examinations of the College of Medicine of SA.
    4. Dr Bhana – convener of CME Programme at CHB Hospital.
    5. International Societies: American Heart Association, European Atherosclerosis Society, Endocrine Society.
    6. Reviewers for several international and local journals.
    7. Outreach. Johannesburg Hospital staff at South Rand Hospital and Edenvale Hospital. Helen Joseph staff at Leratong Hospital. Chris Hani Baragwanath Staff at Sebokeng Hospital.
    8. Congresses: SEMDSA, LASSA, NOF Congresses regularly rotate through Johannesburg – staff provide organizing committees. Staff regularly participate in each of these annual conferences. Drs. Jivan, Bayat and Bhana convened the SEMDSA/LASSA Meeting held in April 2013.
    9. Weekly Endocrine meeting alternating with weekly combined meeting (CHB, HJ & JHB) (Addendum C).
    10. CME. Staff regularly provide CME to general practitioners and physicians.
    11. Contract pharmaceutical research: involvement in clinical drug trials. (Current number of trials ±8).
    12. Advisory boards to several Pharmaceutical Companies.
    13. Invited speakers at Local and International Conferences.
    14. Dr Bayat is the current co-chair of the Post Graduate Committee (position held since March 2008)
    15. Dr Bayat is part of the Wits Physician Update Committee.
    - see Addendum B [conference attendance] and C [Academic programme attached].