Geriatric Medicine


Brent Tipping

Prof Brent Tipping

MBChB , FCP (SA), Cert Geriatrics (SA), MPhil (Geriatric Medicine)

Prof. Tipping is a sub-specialist Geriatrician and Specialist Physician in full-time private academic practice at the Wits Donald Gordon Medical Centre, as well as Head of the division of Geriatric Medicine at the University of the Witwatersrand. He completed all of his training in South Africa at the University of Cape Town. Prof. Brent Tipping heads up our Geriatric Medicine Unit, that has been part of the Wits Donald Gordon Medical Centre since 2007. The unit provides comprehensive geriatric assessments and assists patients in the management of various complex physical and cognitive problems associated with the frail older person.

Completed his training at the University of Cape Town as a Specialist physician (2004) and Sub-Specialist Geriatrician (2006). He moved up to Johannesburg in 2007 to founder and head the Division of Geriatric Medicine which is based jointly at the Wits Donald Gordon Medical Centre and Helen Joseph Hospital. He was promoted to Adjunct Professor in the Department of Internal Medicine in 2017.

He is primarily a clinician, and head of the largest specialist geriatric teaching and training service in Sub-Saharan Africa. His practice and research interests include: cognitive impairment and brain failure syndromes, adverse drug reactions, orthogeriatrics, stroke, acute geriatric medicine, and the ethical challenges of the end of life.